Friday, June 12, 2009

Early Abortion With The Abortion Pill Review

If you recently had sex and think you are or might be pregnant and you are thinking of buying the abortion pill; They can help you in less than 24 hours from now! No matter where in the United States you are right now...

About 4 months ago I was 4 weeks pregnant and was about to visit the doctor to buy the abortion pill, as we all know we cannot get them over the counter. For some odd reason I decided to tell my closest girlfriend that I'm gonna go to the doctor. To make a long story short, I told her I am going to have an abortion and I'm 4 weeks pregnant. She told me she was pregnant about 7 months ago, and she safely aborted her 5 weeks old fetus without spending over $350 for the expensive abortion pill.

My girlfriend told me she ordered "what she called, the Affordable Abortion Pill (AAP)" instead of the expensive brand name abortion pill, for less than $200 and it worked 100%, and it's 100% safe also. No 20/20 questions and  it's in your hands in  2 to 3 business days..

I took her advise and she was absolutely right. I ordered the Affordable Abortion Pill (AAP) and I safely aborted my 4 weeks old fetus. The  Affordable Abortion Pill (AAP) is as safe as the expensive abortion pill and is approved by many doctors in the US and other countries around the world. All you have to do is take the recommended dosage  for a couple days and you are good to go. You can take the AAP if you are up too 7 weeks (49 days) pregnant and it will safely terminate your undeveloped fetus.

It's been 4 months since I took the AAP to safely terminate my 4 weeks undeveloped fetus instead of using the brand name expensive abortion pill, since then many women have joined the band wagon.

Pros: I safely aborted my 4 weeks undeveloped fetus in my privacy without taking the expensive abortion pill; I saved myself about USD $300 since I was 4 weeks pregnant and the brand name abortion pill cost between USD $350-$650. From now on, I'm very careful when having sex but if I end up getting pregnant again and I want to safely terminate my undeveloped fetus, it won't cost me more than $199 if they don't raise the price of the Affordable Abortion Pill..

Cons: While the AAP is 100% safe and works just like the expensive abortion pill, I had to pay $199 + $12.95 for S&H, a total of $211.95 for the Affordable Abortion Pill. I honestly did not mind, because I'd rather pay $211.95 for the Affordable Abortion Pill than pay $500 for the expensive abortion pill when both of them do the same job, which is too safely terminate my undeveloped fetus.

Conclusion: I am very, very happy I ordered the Affordable Abortion Pill because it has made my life much easier and cheaper, for raising a child takes a lot of money. If you are seriously thinking of buying the expensive abortion pill, you should first consider the AAP because it will save you lots of money, and you can use it if you are up to 7 weeks (49 days) pregnant. Click here  for more info about the Affordable Abortion Pill.

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